Review: Relco short sleeved button down

Ugh. Where to begin. I wanted to like this shirt, I really did. They don’t look too terrible and they’re cheap. Alas, one gets what one pays for, I suppose.

First up, the fit. I ordered a small. My chest size is somewhere between 36 and 38, and I like my shirts fitted. While the shirt fit well-enough around my chest (it was a hair on the small side), the sleeves were indescribably tight. I’m not particularly buff nor do I spend much, if any, time at the gym. But after wearing the shirt for about seven minutes it became readily apparent that I was losing circulation in my left arm. The comically small sleeves suggest these shirts are not designed with regular men in mind, but rather made for scrawny hipster man-boys or actual children. To add insult to the injury caused by the slow loss of circulation to my arm, the shirt was far from long enough to achieve a secure tuck.

When it comes to fabric and finish the shirt fared no better. The label says the shirt is 100% cotton, but assuming that’s not a lie, it’s some of the cheapest cotton I’ve ever touched, feeling thin (as in paper, not pique) and synthetic. Trash cotton aside, the shirt was obviously mass-produced and certainly isn’t going to win any awards for stitching. At least the requisite styling was there — three-fingered, three-button collar, box-pleat, and all.

I have a medium I managed to snag a good deal on en route on the off chance it fits better, though I fear adequately-sized sleeves may come at the expense of the fit around the chest. Time will tell. For now I’m giving the shirt 2/10 — 4/10 if you can manage to fit into it.

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